The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today replied to the debate on the motion of thanks on the President’s address, in the Rajya Sabha.

He said several Members spoke about Ayushman Bharat, and some of them began a comparison with US and Britain. He said he believes that every nation has its own context, challenges and nature of working. What I am sure we agree on is that there is a lot of work to be done in our health sector, the Prime Minister added. He called upon all Members to work together in providing the poor with quality and affordable healthcare. He said that the Government is always open to suggestions, feedback and input on its schemes, because it is working for the nation and the poor.

Shri Narendra Modi said he fails to understand why some people feel bad when India improves its ease of business rankings. He said that the Government want Mahatma Gandhi’s India. He wondered if the Congress wants the India of the Emergency, Bofors, and Chopper scams. “When a big tree falls……remember these lines…is this the India Congress wants”, the Prime Minister asked. He also asked if the Congress wants the India of the Tandoor Case. He said that there was a visit to Davos during a Congress Government as well. But the difference is that on that occasion, the visit was undertaken with a letter to save someone, he added.

Responding to the charge that the Government consists of name changers, he said that the Government consists of “aim changers.” He said that the Government has worked hard, and that a paradigm shift has been ushered in the working of the Government. Innovative projects are being thought about and completed in a time bound manner, he added.

Noting that the Congress says they brought Aadhaar, he recalled a debate in the Rajya Sabha in 1998 when the then Home Minister Shri L.K. Advani had spoken. He said the genesis of Aadhaar could be found in that speech.

The Prime Minister said that the eastern parts of India have to develop, and that is why more resources are being devoted towards these States.

He recalled that during the Gujarat campaign he was happy that the Congress realised the greatness of Sardar Patel. Sadly, one week after the results, Sardar Patel was missing in Congress posters, he added.

He noted that the Congress had mocked Swachh Bharat, Make in India, surgical strikes, and Yoga Day. He asked the Congress party why it is blocking the bill for OBC Commission, and the Triple Talaq Bill. Are you not sensitive to the aspirations of OBCs, the Prime Minister asked the Congress party.

The Prime Minister said the Government is working to ensure that every Indian has his or her own home. Let us have a constructive discussion on holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections, he urged the Members.


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